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Our Purpose

Why we do what we do, is at the core of who we are. - Ayesha Joshi

Testing hypothesis: Young adults (age 16 to 18) from around the world brought together with a common purpose to connect, breakdown barriers, broaden minds and collaborate with each other - has the intrinsic potential to change the world.

Our founder, Ayesha Joshi has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to study at a UWC (United World College) which is a series of institutes that bring young adults together to pursue the IB Diploma program. It was and is a resident program for 2 years, and has campuses in around 15 countries.  

During this program, Ayesha was introduced to peers/students from around 70 different nationalities and was forever changed due to that exposure. She understood that exposure to culture and differences in perspectives was vital in the forming of young minds - and defined who these people would be as they grew into adulthood. 

She is now on a mission to make that accessible to everyone, and hence will always make sure that these networking sessions will always be free for its young adult members.

Yes, free forever!

So come join us, invite your friends - we are fostering a community of Respect, Connection and Encouragement across planet earth - this is your platform, your space - come dive in.