Buddy Exchange

Peer-to-peer relationships are one of the cornerstones of Interconnect Cafe - whether it is supporting each other in our careers and/or building friendships across the borders so that we may come together to make an even bigger difference in the world.

What is the Buddy Exchange Program? Whether you are planning on going abroad for your further education, want a pen-pal across countries, or just want someone you can practice your spoken English with (or any other language) - having a friend you can reach out to, is what the buddy exchange program is all about.


 Making those friendships across borders, learning and lifting each other up should be a way of life - one that will help build a better planet for us all.

How to Apply: email us at info@interconnectcafe.com 

with the Subject: 'Application for Buddy Exchange Program' and include in your email content: 'your name, email address, phone number, school/university with country, and home country' and 'topic of exchange' i.e.language, pen-pal, cross-country friend.