Make friends & collaborate on the next generation networking cafe!

Youth Cafe Session Structure (Age Permit: 16, 17, 18 & 19)

Connecting Young Adults from around the world with a purpose to make friends across borders, broaden minds, appreciate cultural differences & develop an understanding of how local thoughts can lead to a global impact. 


Each session will be one hour long, each Cafe-er (young adult) will have two minutes to introduce themselves and give their ideas/thoughts about the ’Theme/Topic of the Week’. Each break-out room will have time to discuss the topic at hand or spend a little more time getting to know each other. We will try our best to in a subject-matter-expert and/or community change-maker to each session for 5-7 minutes. 


With every cafe session, you should walk away with 4 new friends from around the world! Every week, the winning idea and its winning Cafe-er will be featured on our social media, blog, and newsletter - such that your local thought can have a platform to make a global impact on the community!


We are fostering a community of Respect, Connection, and Encouragement across Planet Earth.

This is your platform, your space - Treat it with kindness, please!



Grad Cafe Session Structure (Age Permit: Open To All, Preferably 18 & above)

Integrating & making a difference to the adults in the ecosystem of our young-adult community members from around the world. We need your help to bring about the change, for a better & brighter future for us all!

Each session will be one hour long, each week will have its own theme/topic with its very own subject-matter extraordinaire! We promise to work very hard to provide you with sessions that will be beneficial to you and in extension, better for the world!


Cafe Session Guidelines

  1. Please be respectful of different cultures and be intuitive when addressing tough topics, we are building a community of connection and encouragement.

  2. We recommend you share only your social media contact details (Preferably Instagram Handle) in the networking cafe sessions if you wish to connect with your peer outside of Our Cafe Sessions. This should help maintain your privacy and absolute choice to be connected with.

  3. Only reach out to those who were in your breakout room, and if you do wish to connect with anyone from the networking cafe session. Please drop them a message through social media only after requesting them individually for their details. Respect choice and privacy!

  4. We are working constantly to make sure this is a safe space for young minds, so please be vary and cautious with connections outside of the Cafe’s virtual walls. We encourage parents and guardians to observe, participate in, and/or monitor and guide their online activity actively.

  5. Please note, these Networking Cafe Sessions are only temporarily recorded and then deleted after 7 days - by signing up to be on a cafe session on this platform, you consent to this guideline of information collection and storage. More details on this may be found in our Terms & Policies.


Please make sure to read the points above and the terms on the Cafe Networking Session registration page thoroughly. By registering for our services/products, you are consenting to our Terms & Policies. 

Don't see a Cafe Session that works for 
your Time Zone?

No worries - let's work on scheduling one! Write to us with the following details, Subject: Schedule New Cafe Youth/Grad Session | Country Name

1. Your country and time zone

2. Are you already an Interconnect Moderator? Would you like to become one?

 3. How many friends from our timezone would like for a new Cafe Session to be scheduled? Bring together 10-15 peers from your high school/junior college to join you every week. We are all about community!

We look forward to hearing from you, future Moderator :)