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Our Partnerships

We pride ourselves in the youth relationships we build through our networking sessions week-after-week, in the internship opportunities we offer and in the partnerships we develop. They act as the building blocks on which Interconnect Cafe stands.


We couldn't achieve and do what we do, without you - Dear Partners! Thank you for your unfailing support to the mission of connecting & inspiring young adults worldwide. 

Find all our additional collaborations on Instagram.

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Come make a difference with us! Join The Worldwide Cafe Revolution.

Email us at to partner or collaborate.

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Hired Valley

Hired Valley is a career netflix that provides various career/job/internship learning material in the form of interactive video, audio lectures, pdf etc. for a monthly subscription on their platform - designed for students, graduates and young professionals.

They assist young adults in their career journey of applying for internships as well as jobs through guidance in resume development & interview prep, career-related learning material and language assistance.

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Arnav Durani Learning

Arnav Durani Learning is a premier India based tutoring company that focuses on writing skills, and study and learning strategies. Currently, they tutor IB English A1 Language and Literature tutoring, college essay writing, and conduct workshops on self-study and self-learning skills based in Cognitive Science to help you tackle your most challenging subjects in high-school and beyond.


At Arnav Durani Learning, you gain the competence and confidence to forge your academic & career path.The company plays an integral role in the success of students across the country and the globe.

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Confederation of Indian Industry - Young Indians

Young Indians (Yi) is a movement for Indian Youth to converge, lead, co-create and influence India’s future. As an integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organisation playing a proactive role in India's development process.


Through thousands of impactful projects and activities divided primarily into three areas; 'Youth Leadership', 'Nation Building' and 'Thought Leadership', Yi hopes to emerge as the premier Indian youth organization having a voice on relevant platforms that work on solving India’s problems.

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English Farma

English Farma (EF) is an online eductaional course provider that offers tutoring services in English for non-native speakers (of Kazakh & Russian).

Their students learn English with the help of individual supervisors who motivate & support them throughout the learning process, with seasoned tutors who are always there to assist by making the process of education fun.

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