Become a Moderator!

Every community needs leaders, guides and a squad amongst them that takes responsibility for growth, weekly agendas and is privy to being a part of Weekly Discussion Session with the team at Interconnect Cafe - developing ideas, building new concepts as well as better ways for us to grow as a community.

What is a Moderator? A Moderator is a leader or guide of their Cafe Networking Sessions, the first and last to speak, and will be responsible for running the entire agenda for the session, with guidelines from Interconnect Cafe. Moderators are the eyes and the ears of the entire community, and are encouraged to be the representive of their sessions. 

Apply to join the Mod Squad now, where you can bag a MOD Badge for either One year or Two years!

Here are some of the privileges of being a Moderator:

1. Ability to connect with everyone in the Cafe Networking Sessions (the connect with just your breakout room rule won’t apply to you.)

2.You will be given access to a special Telegram Moderators Only Group which will feature latest updates before it is released to the community. This will be a two way communication, unlike the Telegram Channel.

3. A proud moderator badge, that you can use as your background on every Cafe Session and put it up on your social media too. This badge will signify the privileged responsibility and commitment you hold, to the community.

4. Be featured on our Weekly Moderator Shoutout on all our social media channels. 

5. A certificate at the completion of your term stating the impact you have made within the Interconnect Community. You may use for your college applications and where-ever else you see fit.


6. Plus a bonus feature - which is a secret! This will be revealed to you once we feel you are ready. So stay tuned for this basket of treasure. ​​

Not every one can be a moderator, so drop us an email to schedule a Moderator-Review interview. Here is the criteria you will be assessed on:

Communication Skills

Leadership Skills

Moral Values

Sense of Responsibility

Appreciation for Cultural Diversity



Email us at 

with the Subject: 'Application for Moderator' and include in your email content: 'your name, email address, phone number, school/university with country, and home country'.

Take a moment to think before you start the application process, this Badge is a commitment to our community. Like Peter Parker once said, 'With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility'.