Mentorship Program

At Interconnect Cafe, we are always looking for ways to assist our community members in their journey of exploration and growth. This Mentorship Program is one such additional resource exclusively for our young adult members!

What is the Mentorship Program? Every week we bring to you Speakers who are Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) in their domain through our Cafe Networking Sessions, however since their time is limited - we only get access to their knowledge for about an hour! In this special program, each of our honorable speakers has made available to us their time to mentor ONE young adult cafe member.

This program will be a One-on-One, Mentor-Mentee opportunity for the duration of ONE Month, with the potential of a lifelong relationship. The mentors will dedicate an hour or more a week to answering the mentee's questions pertaining to their field of work, directing them in their career aspirations, and even giving value from their life & lessons.

Selection of the YA Cafe Member will be based on the winning idea or thought of the week and at the discretion of the ICC Team, and hence you must attend the Cafe Networking Sessions to be eligible for the Mentorship Program.

Why miss out on your opportunity to be mentored by the best in the business today?

How to Apply for the Mentorship Program (For Young Adults)

1. Attend our Weekly Networking Sessions, if you are selected - you will be given instructions on how to proceed.


2. If you haven't been notified of the next steps, please email us at

With the Subject: 'Mentorship Program Application' and include in your email content: 'your name, email address, phone number, school/university with country, and home country'.

How to Apply for the Mentorship Program (For Mentors)

If you aren't already an SME speaker at one of our Cafe Networking Sessions, but are a Subject Matter Expert in your domain and would like to mentor one of our Young Adult community members in the careers - Please email us at with the Subject 'Application to be a YA Mentor'. We promise to get back to you with the next steps of the vetting process.


Thank you for thinking about devoting time to assisting young minds worldwide!